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  • AI-powered Text Extraction Capabilities
  • Standardized Data Extraction
  • High Accuracy Rates

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AP Automation

Quote to PO Automation

Fraud Detection


Human in the Loop

AP Automation

Quote to PO Automation

Fraud Detection


Human in the Loop

By using Beiing Human we converted our Accounts Payable person's role from manual data entry focus to someone who looks over what AI did and verifies. This change quadrupled the productivity of our AP people. Beiing Human used in the right workflow and right process is super valuable. It has been for us!

Jerry HVCC Construction

Implementing Beiing Human's AP automation software has been a game-changer for our organization. It has significantly reduced costs and streamlined invoice processing. The seamless integration, outstanding support, and advanced features have exceeded our expectations. Thanks to Beiing Human, our account payable process has become more efficient and cost-effective. Highly recommended!

Thomas PopeOwner TRM Properties LLC.

When we began running data through the BH software, it consistently delivered the precise results we were hoping for. This was in contrast to other software options, where you need to create templates and specify the locations to pull data from documents. Any minor variation in the document can cause Tesseract templates to break.
The BH software, on the other hand, appears to intuitively understand its task, almost like a human. This not only saves us considerable time, but also eliminates the need for intricate Tesseract template setups.

True ERP for Subcontractors

Beiing Human (BH) IDP Software enables me to upload my invoices, verify the information quickly, and then BH sends it to my QuickBooks account with just a push of a button. I love it! I would recommend BH to anyone who wants to save time on manual entry. You won't regret it!

Patty S.Bookkeeper and Business Consultant

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Frequently asked questions

How does vendor API work?

The vendor API efficiently extracts data from provided documents using our AI, ensuring a streamlined process for retrieving and transmitting relevant information.

What is customized policy?

Companies have specific rules for approving things like bills. They follow these rules, whether it’s about certain vendors or the total bill amount. This helps keep everything transparent and organized.