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Who We Are?

About us

Beiing Human is the dream child of its incredible thought leadership – Luke Nelson and Rishi Srivastava. There is a story of inspiration, dedication, and a will to revolutionize the world.
Rishi spent a decade working with big and small organizations, observing, learning, and executing functions to enhance performance – his innovative mind always searching for ways to optimize operations.
It was a momentous occasion, working on a trading floor, when a nerve-racking experience gave birth to the idea of creating an alternative to manual input – especially when it comes to handling complex accounting and data entry procedures.
However, it was five years before this concept could come to fruition when Rishi met Luke during a fateful game of poker.
Luke, a member of CFMA (Construction Financial Management Association), grew up on a farm in Fort Dodge, Iowa, where picking up a solid work ethic was inevitable.

Customer Impact

Nothing is more important than creating impact for our customers, which vary from
smaller commercial businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises.


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Our Values

At Rossum all of our interactions, from internal meetings with peers to
executive-level customer conversions, are guided by our values.

It is good to have strong opinions! However, unless based on data, opinions must be treated as mere hypotheses. No matter how strong, in the face of new evidence and sound arguments, always be open to changing your opinion.

Learning is the most basic skill we look. As learners, we love to look to our role models; but where we are pioneers, we always look for lessons learned. Ultimately, we measure results, not hours – no matter if achieved by prioritizing well or working hard.

Differences can come in many forms: gender, nationality, race, experiences, and more. We view diversity as a strength. As a company, we want everyone to pursue the same ideals. That starts with respecting our differences.


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Customer Success Stories

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