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The Rise of Accounts Payable Automation

Understanding AP Automation Accounts payable automation refers to the use of technology and software solutions to streamline and optimize the accounts payable process within an organization. This is especially useful...
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Managing Financial Statements: For Contractors and Construction Companies

Unless you’re an accountant or a money geek, the thought of creating or reviewing financial statements may have you running for the door. The average day of a contractor or...
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Boxes of Invoices

Getting Accurate P&L for Contractors

Are you anxious that entering your invoices, receipts, and requisition for payments into QuickBooks (QB) and other ERPs will lead to unnecessary mistakes? Do you find yourself collecting bills and...
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Hard Hat Construction Zone

Top Construction Industry Trends to Watch

In recent years the construction industry has gone through dramatic fluctuations due to factors like COVID-19, material acquirement delays, and changing consumer behaviors. Miraculously, the industry still managed to pull...
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Selecting The Perfect Construction ERP

Choosing the right ERP software is a critical factor in a construction business's sustainable success. But it can be a nerve-racking process. An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a...
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Revolutionizing Construction Company Finances: Why Account Payable Automation is Essential

A game-changer for construction companies of all sizes, accounts payable automation has emerged as a pioneer for sustained revenue growth through streamlining operations. With the ability to simplify invoice processing,...
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6 Points to Consider When Transitioning to a New ERP

So, you think you are ready to finally do it? You think you are ready to climb the Mt. Everest of tasks, implementing a new ERP Software. As a CFO,...
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How an NFL Quarterback can guide your accounts payable process?

Speed. Accuracy. Agility. Are these the traits of your favorite NFL quarterback? Of course, but they are also the traits of your company’s Accounts Payable Clerk. Entering invoices, receipts, and...
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Data Entry/AP improvements in high pressure environments

Imagine you work as a CFO at a trading shops which deals with invoices, receipts and G702 and over the counter (OTC) contracts. Most of your invoices, receipts and G702...
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