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Invoices – QBO


Invoices can be seamlessly integrated into QuickBooks Online by either emailing them or uploading them. The AI-powered system accurately extracts key invoice details, allowing users to verify and send the invoices to QuickBooks with just a few clicks, streamlining the accounting process.
Key moments:

  • The video demonstrates how to efficiently transfer invoices from humans into QuickBooks Online using email forwarding or uploading. The AI accurately reads and processes the invoice details, allowing for easy editing and customization before sending to QuickBooks.
  • Two methods are shown for transferring invoices: email forwarding and uploading, providing flexibility for users. The AI accurately extracts information from invoices, simplifying the process and allowing for easy verification and customization.
  • The AI accurately reads and processes invoice details, highlighting key information like vendor, date, and total. Users can easily edit and customize invoice information, including job costing details, before approval and transfer to QuickBooks.
  • The AI streamlines the process by automatically assigning new invoices from the same vendor to the correct GL account, reducing manual steps for users. This feature enhances efficiency and accuracy in transferring invoices to QuickBooks Online.