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Data wields an omnipotent power that can both empower and overwhelm.

Managing data efficiently means the difference between success and failure for an organization. History is proof that the organizations that stood the test of time were the ones embracing the ever-evolving nature of technology.

But surprisingly even with such resounding examples as Blockbuster and Nokia standing as a warning, many organizations are still averse to taking a proactive approach with technology.

It all comes down to a repulsion to change – a part of basic human nature.

A problem that’s further fueling the need for a move toward digital transformation, particularly for the construction sector, is the prevailing labor shortage problem. This phenomenon is projected to get even worse in the coming years, with 41% of the construction workforce retiring by 2031 and the next generation’s diminishing interest in this sector.

How Document AI contributes to a solution for this issue?

Repetitive and time-consuming tasks like complex data entry should be allocated to AI – which it is better suited to handle anyway. As automating data entry, especially with Document AI technology, saves 80% of the time spent on manual entry, this significant time saved is instead utilized toward focusing human attention on more worthy tasks. Furthermore, depending on the company size, Document AI also saves organizations millions of dollars per year. These sizable funds could instead be allocated toward attracting talent to the construction industry – mitigating this crucial issue.

As businesses navigate the complex world of handling data, Document AI emerges as a game-changer. AI has become pivotal in the big world of data management.

In this spirit, Beiing Human has launched a Document AI software that boasts an accuracy rate of 96%. This is in stark comparison to the other software that is available in the market (like QuickBooks, Sage, Foundation, etc.) that use the old OCR model and therefore only offer an accuracy between 60 – 70%.

The Power of Document Automation

Document automation, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), has become pivotal for operational efficiency within the construction and ERP sectors. Businesses leveraging technology like document automation witness a substantial reduction in manual errors, an upswing in productivity, and remarkable cost savings, emphasizing its undeniable impact on organizational success.

A crucial factor here is to select the perfect ERP for the organization depending on the company size and needs.

Aside from the other more obvious advantages, Document AI accelerates project timelines and ensures that critical decisions are made promptly, fostering a competitive edge in the market.

Beiing Human Document AI

The low accuracy rates associated with traditional OCR-based extraction paired with the challenges posed by new templates affecting OCR solution had users frustrated, and understandably so. Developing Document AI to extract structured information from documents is a time-consuming and challenging task.

This became the reason for BH introducing the ultimate template-agnostic solution – BH Document AI, the remedy to all document extraction challenges.

This Document AI is dramatically superior compared to an OCR solution. It was developed to solve templatization problems in an OCR.

How is it the perfect solution? It is template agnostic which means it can read different documents, no format needed, unlike OCR based software.

Furthermore, BH Document AI software boasts an impressive 96% accuracy, a significant improvement over the 60 – 70% accuracy offered by OCR-based software.

Product Updates

Beiing Human software is consistently updated and enhanced to meet evolving needs.

The software features are offered both as a front-end component or through an API call.

Some key upgrades to enhance Document AI API usability include:

  • User-friendly human-in-the-loop Interface

Beiing Human user interface ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience for users of all skill levels. This enhancement aims to empower even the most novice users, making document management intuitive and efficient.

The redesigned details page allows users to view all information extracted from a document alongside a comprehensive activity log, ensuring every detail is readily available and easily accessible.

Users can now view consecutive documents without returning to the main page, promoting a smoother and more continuous document viewing experience.

Did you know? A user-friendly interface reduces errors by up to 50%.

  • Graphical Insights

Users can view documents by vendor names, cost IDs, job IDs, document aging, and other crucial information directly on the Documents dashboard.

This feature simplifies document location, allowing users to effortlessly search for documents using vendor names or specific financial values.

3. Effortless Deletion of Unwanted Documents:

Unwanted documents can now be easily deleted – streamlining document management and contributing to a clutter-free and organized document archive.

Did You Know? On average, employees spend 18 minutes searching for a single document.

4. Audit Trail

The audit trail feature provides a comprehensive overview of changes made by users, ensuring transparency and accountability.

It records every modification, highlighting our commitment to data integrity and security.

We’ve added an “Activity” feature that tracks your documents with absolute diligence. It’s not just about tracking changes; it’s about solving mysteries. Who made the change? When? Why?

The new audit trail feature provides a comprehensive overview of changes made, ensuring transparency and accountability.

5. Duplicate Document Detection:
Ever played hide-and-seek with duplicate documents? Our AI software immediately alerts users in case of a duplicate document, preventing potential errors and ensuring data accuracy.

The advanced BH software uses image hashing to detect similarities between documents. If the similarities are above a certain threshold, our AI flags it as duplicate.

After being flagged as duplicate, users will be presented with both documents, and they can decide if they want to process or delete the document.

Did You Know? 20% of documents in an average business are duplicates.

  • ERP Data Integration

For ERP giants, data is the lifeline. BH enables the effortless viewing, syncing, and attachment of ERP data, including vendor names and GL accounts, to any document. This integration ensures a cohesive and centralized data repository.

Vendor names, GL accounts – consider it a data fiesta!

Did You Know? 85% of companies consider data syncing crucial for business success. Get ready to sync and soar!

  • Manual Syncing Option

No ERP integration? No problem! In scenarios where ERP integration is not feasible, BH offers a manual syncing option. Users can upload documents manually, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to diverse operational needs.

It’s like having a manual override for your AI superhero. Sometimes, a manual touch is the perfect finishing stroke.

  • Customizable Approval Flow

Tailoring the approval flow to match specific monetary values is now possible. Users can also customize the number and seniority of approvals required for a document, streamlining the process based on individual project requirements.

Our users can now relax and enjoy customizable approval flows based on monetary value, seniority, or just their gut feeling!

Did You Know? Customized approval flows can reduce approval times by up to 40%.

  • Automatic Document Splitter

Dreading doing manual data splitting? Not anymore! Our AI superhero takes care of it automatically. And the best part? You’re still the boss – override when you please.

Instead of manually splitting documents, BH’s AI now automates the process. Users retain the authority to override when necessary, striking a perfect balance between automation and user control.

Did You Know? Automatic document splitting can save up to 60% of manual efforts. Time to relax!

To Conclude – The Document AI Symphony

Whether you’re constructing buildings or managing colossal ERP databases, the future is automated, streamlined, and remarkably user-friendly.

Beiing Human is at the forefront of revolutionizing document automation for construction and ERP companies.

The latest updates not only enhance user experience, but also empower businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration.

The document revolution is here, and it’s not just about making things efficient. It’s about injecting a dash of quirks, insights, and a whole lot of user-friendly magic into the everyday task of document handling.

Ready to elevate your document game?

Dive into the world of Document AI with Beiing Human – where efficiency meets enthusiasm, and paperwork becomes a pleasure, not a pain. Visit Beiing Human.

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