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True success story

True, an established ERP system, was struggling with challenges in document automation. Manual data extraction using OCR for accounts payable invoices and variable document formats was creating major headaches. Beiing Human stepped in with its template-agnostic AI-based document automation solution to address these challenges.

Beiing Human’s template-agnostic solution automatically understands and extracts data based on document types, eliminating the need for manual templating.

Significant time was saved as no time was consumed to set templates, thanks to Beiing Human’s automated capabilities.

The API provides data in a standardized JSON format, including bounding box data and confidence scores, enabling the possibility of creating interactive UIs and custom checks.

The API supports batch calling, allowing users to send up to 50 documents for processing simultaneously.

Checks are in place to eliminate any chances of duplicate document processing.


Beiing Human’s AI-based document automation API has successfully addressed True’s challenges related to data extraction and template issues. By integrating Beiing Human’s solution, True has unlocked new levels of accuracy and efficiency in its ERP system, paving the way for future growth and innovation in the construction industry.