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VCC success story

VCC is a national construction general contractor and construction manager licensed in all 50 states. The diversity of VCC’s product types includes retail and commercial office buildings, healthcare, multifamily, and industrial. They have been in business for almost 40 years.

The Challenge

VCC was receiving invoices in their Accounts Payable (AP) inbox. From this AP inbox, 2 AP people were opening invoices, reading through the document and manually typing the invoice information in a form in their ERP. This entire process of invoice creation took up to 75% time of the 2 AP people. VCC had evaluated OCR-based solutions where document data extraction was template-dependent. These solutions still require a lot of human intervention to get the invoice form created in the ERP.

The Solution

VCC evaluated Beiing Human’s Document AI. This Document AI is template agnostic and reads the invoice documents almost like a human would. The AI also extracted the purchase order (PO) number. The extracted purchase order was invaluable for routing the invoices to appropriate approvers. After evaluating Beiing Human’s Document AI solution for their AP process they discovered the clear advantages of a Document AI over an OCR.  VCC went ahead with Beiing Human implementation. Now as the AP invoices come into AP inbox, a draft invoice form gets created using the Document AI. AP people review the draft invoice form and proposed routing for approvals.




Saved 75% of the time of 2 full-time accounts payable people.


Automatically set the invoice for the appropriate approval route.


Enabled AP employees to focus on deeper tasks like compliance.