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type enum
The type of error returned. One of  api_error, card_error,idempotency_error or invalid_request_error

code nullable string

For some errors that could be handled programmatically, a short string indicating the error code reported.

decline_code nullable string
For card errors resulting from a card issuer decline, a short string indicating the card issuer’s reason for the decline if they provide one.

message nullable string
A human-readable message providing more details about the error. For card errors, these messages can be shown to your users.

param nullable string
If the error is parameter-specific, the parameter related to the error. For example, you can use this to display a message near the correct form field.

payment_intent nullable object
The PaymentIntent object for errors returned on a request involving a PaymentIntent.


charge nullable string

payment_method_type nullable string

doc_url nullable string

request_log_url nullable string

setup_intent nullable string