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The currently supported version is V1.


This is your unique Client Id generated by Beiing Human.


This defines the document type that is being sent for processing. You need to define document type, with each call, from the list of following document types.

Invoice    Invoice
Receipt    Receipt
Pay App    G702
Change Order   Co
Purchase Order    Po
Certificate of Insurance    Coi
Lien Waiver    Lien_waiver


This will be multipart/form-data for this API call.


This is the auth token that will be used for authorization.


This defines the environment for the API. Currently, use “sandbox” or “production”


This check will define if the document duplication feature is enable or disable. It will be a Boolean type.

Enable: It will check the document duplication.
Disable: It will bypass the check and extract the data anyway.


This is the file which will be sent for processing. It can be any supported document in PDF, JPG, JPEG or PNG with file size less than 20 MB. In case of multipage PDFs, the page count must not exceed 15 pages.

Example object to be encrypted using Secret Key: